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About Us

Bergins Outreach Inc. is a non-profit organization that makes a difference in communities by bringing tennis and education together to change lives. We equip youths with the education, training, mentoring, and low-cost to no-cost wear and equipment they need to reach the peak of their performance.

As a non-profit organization, our vision is to provide low-cost to no-cost athletic apparel, tennis equipment, and school supplies to the youths to get them active and improve their wellbeing.


A significant percentage of Ghanaians struggle with overweight obesity and diabetes. One of the significant contributors to this is inactivity. That’s why Bergins Outreach Inc. is actively striving to educate local communities about the importance of exercise and sports. We know that education alone won’t cut it. Many homes lack the finance and support to incentivize them to embark on this mission of a healthier lifestyle. As such, we’re strongly expanding our team and capacity to provide these communities and promising athletes with equipment, gear, and training. We need all the support we can get.

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