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Bergins Outreach Inc. Extend Support to Ho Tennis Club

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

“I have an affiliation with Ho Tennis Club, that’s why I am back again to make the difference and will keep donating to the club regularly. There is a lot of talent here who need support to improve their game in tennis, and Bergins Outreach here to unearth such talents.”

Gina Asiedu-Ofei CEO of Bergins Outreach Inc. made the statement above speaking with Gina is US-based Ghanaian tennis player and she has grown soft spot for encouraging and promoting tennis youngsters in Ghana.

The Ho Tennis Club spearheaded by Gina’s peculiar interest received tennis equipment from her founded NGO, Bergins Outreach part of the organization’s efforts to promote the tennis sport in the area.

Bergins Outreach Inc. provided the items, which included pre-owned tennis shoes, new and lightly used rackets, and bespoke shirts.

Bergins Outreach a non-profit organization that has been working to improve lives in the community by combining tennis and education.

Their mission as a non-profit organization is to provide low-cost and no-cost athletic clothes, tennis equipment, and school supplies to youngsters in order to encourage them to become more active and improve their overall health.

Since establishment, Bergins Outreach Inc. has proven reliable and true to their word on encouraging local participation in Ghana. Their outreaches as their name implies hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In under three weeks, the NGO has given tennis equipment to Ashanti Tennis Club, St. Francis Tennis Academy, Ho Tennis Club and Atomic Tennis Club, all in Ghana.

At the Atomic Tennis Club donation, Gina emphasized Bergins Outreach’s mission once more with affirmed confidence in the young generation:

“The donation of tennis equipment is to ensure that young tennis players enjoy the opportunity to further and improve their training. This is to create opportunities for kids to be active, fit and healthy to reduce sedentary behavior which is attributable to childhood obesity.”

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